Hair Boutique for the discreet

What happened to the days when women didn't tell their age?
When a lady's haircare was private and not out in the open?
When men didn't care if it was extensions or a weave, all they knew was that you looked good?
( and that's all that mattered)
I am the best Crochet Braid Artist in the south Sacramento/ Elk Grove area.
I offer private haircare services in my home salon.
A woman's hair is her crown and glory and how she decides to have it styled is her business.
Those days of waiting for hours in a salon without being seen are played out.
I am mindful of your time, privacy and schedule.

( I never overbook my clients).
I value you as a person and appreciate your business.
I offer affordable haircare so that everyone can achieve their desired hairstyle without breaking the bank.
Although I am an advocate for natural haircare, I still do quickweaves, vixen quickweaves & pronto weaves because that's what many of my clients prefer.

a lot of my clients are doing the 90 day natural haircare
challenge with crochet braids because of the versatility and ability to achieve the look of a natural hairstyle or weave while protecting their own hair underneath.

I specialize in scalp stimulation therapy and special installations for my clients with thinning hair and alopecia.
My salon is private because your haircare is your business and addressing your haircare concerns should not be on display if you don't want it to be. 
( Come get your confidence back!)